Ideally situated, Lausanne benefits from an ultra-modern infrastructure – in terms of transportation network, convention halls, hospitality and accommodation centers – that places it among the top ranks of sought-after destinations for city eco-mobility and event planning.

The Olympic Capital benefits from regular, direct access from all over the world via two international airports. The short journey times from both allow you to enjoy rapidly changing scenery and atmosphere in minutes, whichever way you choose to travel.



Driving in Switzerland
Motorway vignette
Compulsory, CHF 40, available from post offices and service stations.

Seat belt: Must be worn in the front and back of the vehicle.
Speed limits: In town: between 30 and 50 km/h, outside built-up areas: 70 to 80 km/h and motorways: 120 km/h


Lausanne is served by one of the most efficient passenger rail services in the world, the Swiss Federal Rail system. Trains run roughly each half-hour between 4:45AM and 1:30AM every day to and from Geneva, Zurich, Berne, Neuchatel, St. Gallen, Brig and points in between. There are up to 5 trains daily from/to Paris Gare de Lyon via the TGV Lyria (High Speed Train), 4 per day from/to Milan and 1 train per day from/to Venice.

Lausanne Transport Card

Once in Lausanne, highly reliable local transport (e.g. bus, metro or taxi) makes traveling around this compact city effortless and for free for all hotel guests with the Lausanne Transport Card. The Lausanne Transport Card gives any guest staying in Lausanne and paying the overnight “taxe de séjour” free and unrestricted access to all public transport services in the city (bus, train, metro), see the map below for the exact perimeter. This personalized card is given to each visitor paying the overnight “taxe de séjour” by the hotel or guest house on arrival at their place of accommodation. It is valid for the duration of the reservation, including the arrival and departure days (maximum 15 days). In the event of checks an identity document must be presented. What’s more, your Lausanne Transport Card will offer you lots of benefits!