Jakub Kaczmarek

Jakub Lukasz Kaczmarek, DVM,Dipl. ECVS. After graduating the veterinary studies in Wroclaw (Poland) in 2013, he began a two-year surgical internship at the referral clinic in Birkenfeld, Germany. After finishing his internship, he went to Zurich (Switzerland) and Gießen(Germany) for externships to further study orthopedics and sports medicine. In 2016 he started an ECVS Residency in Augsburg, Germany and after 4 years of training he became board certified surgeon of ECVS. His field of research is mostly concentrated on biomechanics and traumatology. In 2018 his biomechanic research was awarded the best free communication at the World Veterinary Orthopaedic Congress (ESVOT - VOS). His clinical activity is focused on traumatology, angular limb deformity correction, laser surgery and minimally invasive surgery.

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