Dubrovnik Airport is about 20 kilometers from Dubrovnik.

Organized bus transfer to Dubrovnik is available upon arrival for each regular flight. On departure, the bus leaves the main bus terminal 1.5 hours before every Croatia Airlines and Austrian Airlines flight. For all other regular flights, a bus departs from the main bus terminal approximately 2 hours before the flight. Tickets are bought from the bus driver and the price is 40 kuna.

Taxi service is also available throughout the day. The price of taxi service from the airport to Dubrovnik is 220 - 300 kuna.

Dubrovnik Airport 

If you enjoy seeing new landscapes, Dubrovnik can be reached from Central and Western Europe in several ways; please select from the following:

From Western Europe:
1. Via Rijeka – motorway and continental road:
Rijeka - Senj - Žuta Lokva - Gospić - Dugopolje - Vrgorac - Ploče (motorway) - Dubrovnik.
2. Combination of Adriatic Highway (coastal road) and motorway:
Rijeka - Senj - Karlobag - Maslenica - Split - Makarska – Ploče (motorway) - Dubrovnik.
There are many different combinations using coastal roads and sections of the motorway. If taking the Adriatic Highway, one can enjoy the seaside scenery. The other option is taking the motorway, which passes through the continental part of the country, where the landscape is different, but no less picturesque.

From Central Europe:
1. Via Zagreb
Zagreb - Karlovac - Žuta Lokva - Gospić - Dugopolje - Vrgorac - Ploče (motorway) - Dubrovnik.
It is possible to combine this route with the Adriatic Highway.
2. Via Osijek (across Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Osijek - Slavonski Brod (or Brčko) - Sarajevo - Mostar - Metković - Dubrovnik /
Sarajevo - Foča - Trebinje - Dubrovnik

Petrol stations in and around Dubrovnik are open from 07:00 to 22:00, while during the summer season the petrol stations in Kupari and Komolac are open 24 hours a day. 

The bus terminal in Dubrovnik is located in Gruž near the port where, besides the information and sales office, passengers can find a taxi stand, and sales kiosk. One of the information offices of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board (Port of Dubrovnik building) and a Konzum supermarket are located nearby. In addition to international lines, there are daily intercity lines to all major cities in Croatia.

The bus terminal is well connected with other parts of the city by regular bus lines, and taxi services are always at your disposal.
More information:

Bus Terminal Dubrovnik
Tel: +385 60 305 070

Libertas Dubrovnik
Tel: +385 20 357 020