Patrick Bourdeau

Professor Patrick BOURDEAU gradutated in Maisons-Alfort (ENVA) where he was initally assistant professor in the Parasitology before leaving for the National Veterinary School of Nantes (ENVN Oniris) where he became professor then Head of Department of Dermatology/Parasitology/Mycology until his academic retirement in December 2020. He currently maintains activities in teaching and expertise.
He holds an aggregation in Veterinary Parasitology, graduated in Mycology from the Pasteur Institute, Paris and PhD in Zoology. He is one of the very first members of the College of Dermatology (ECVD) (1993) then initiated with colleagues the European College of Parasitology(EVPC), of which he member also.

In Nantes he developed a Unit Dermatology, Parasitology and Mycology, including teaching, clinics of Dermatology and the corresponding analysis laboratory. In 1991 he set up the discipline in the curriculum, starting point for the formalization of the discipline; He collaborated and then organized the French Certificate in Veterinary Dermatology and supported the National specialization project that allowed ultimately the recognition of European colleges in France. He founded the first formalized academic residency program in Dermatology (2000), training 4 residents and receiving visits from 15 others. He is founding member of CRESIP, the first interdisciplinary “skin center” in relation with the Unite of medical human dermatology, the Faculty of Pharmacy and the University of Nantes since 2012.

He has developed his expertise in the interface between veterinary Dermatology and Parasitology, particularly host-ectoparasite interactions (ticks, mites, fleas) and also developed with his team studies in skin biology (keratinocytes), allergology, clinics of Dermatology based on a GCP approach not only for dogs and cats but also horses, large animals, exotics and zoo animals.
Similarly he had a particular interest in Veterinary Mycology by setting up an efficient and rapid analysis laboratory in the field of dermatophytes and on the clinical, epidemiological and therapeutic characteristics of dermatophytosis. He also conducted, in relation to clinical activity, researches on Malassezia yeasts. More fundamental research on dermatophytes were recently developed in his team using molecular approach.
Concerning other aspects in Parasitology he developed studies on parasitic diseases of carnivores and equines in France and took a special interest in canine Leishmaniosis since 1985. He is one of the founding members of the Leishvet Group and co-organized of the first International congress on animal Leishmaniosis (ALIVE). He has also developed interest in vector-borne diseasesand contributes to several international groups of experts in parasitic and vector borne diseases. He is also a doctor in Zoology and managed other activities medicine of animals of unusual species (new pets, laboratory animals or zoological parks) for which he led the development of clinical training. He also conducted researches and teach in the field of biotoxins and venoms (masters and National Museum of Natural History).

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