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Ceva Santé Animale is a French multinational veterinary pharmaceutical company created in 1999 specialized in the research, development, production, marketing of pharmaceutical products and vaccines for companion animals and livestock. In companion animals, Ceva proposes solutions in dermatology and also in behavior, parasiticides, anti-infectives, cardio-nephrology, hypertension and pain management. 

In dermatology, Ceva is the expert of skin barrier ecosystem protection. For more than a decade, Ceva has been devoted to bring solutions for pet skincare. The link between humans and animals is part of the company’s DNA. Understanding client’s concerns is essential to offer them a product in adequation with their needs.

In veterinary dermatology, vets and pet owners have two main expectations: safety of formulas for pets and owners, and simultaneous performance on the three skin barriers. Ceva launched in 2019 DOUXO® S3 with Ophytrium, a range of skincare products answering both needs with solutions very pleasant to use, strengthening the human-animal bond.

This 32nd ESVD-ECVD congress is the opportunity to introduce in Europe DOUXO® S3 CALM Pads, to bring the new safety wave to all sensitive areas.

DOUXO® S3 CALM Pads are intended for dogs and cats with itchy, sensitive, irritated skin. Very convenient and pleasant to use according to pet owners, they soothe, equilibrate and strengthen the skin thanks to the simultaneous threefold action of Ophytrium on the mechanical, immunological and microbiological skin barriers.

Visit our booth to discover this new DOUXO® S3 solution as well as other Ceva products to help manage Canine Atopic Dermatitis!


ROYAL CANIN® is a specialist provider of veterinary clinical and life stage diets for dogs and cats of all ages, sizes, breeds and physiological states. Established in 1967 in Aimargues, France, ROYAL CANIN® is now a major global provider of nutritional solutions to the professional animal healthcare sectors. 
With an ‘animal first’ approach, our dietary innovations have led to positive impacts in pet health worldwide and some examples include:
• Anallergenic - incorporating an extreme feather hydrolysate
• Fibre Response - to help manage chronic constipation in cats
• Gastro-Intestinal Low Fat in the case of canine pancreatitis 

Royal Canin is a sponsoring partner of ESVD and is committed to promoting interest in clinical nutrition amongst young vets. Our strong ties with the veterinary profession make ROYAL CANIN® an adaptable partner in practice; providing not only highly scientific and cutting edge products, but service propositions including practice support and innovative digital tools.


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Dermoscent®/ LDCA
Purina Institute

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