Nikolaos Dervisis

Nick Dervisis earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the School of Veterinary Medicine at Aristotle’s University in Thessaloniki, Greece, and a doctorate in comparative medicine and integrative biology at Michigan State University. He completed his residency in Oncology at Michigan State University, where he stayed as a research associate and faculty until 2012. He then moved to VirginiaTech to co-founded the oncology service and research program at the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences. He leads the Virginia Tech site component of a larger NIH-National Cancer Institute (NCI) Comparative Oncology Trials Consortium, and co-directs the University's Cancer Research Alliance. His leadership was instrumental to the evolution of our oncology program to the Animal Cancer Care & Research Center (ACCRC) in 2020. The ACCRC is USA’s first cancer research hospital for animals, staffed by multiple medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists, working hand-in-hand with basic researchers and physicians in human medicine, linking basic science and engineering research to human patient clinical care. He serves as the principal investigator or co-investigator in numerous clinical trials and translational projects, with an emphasis on ablative therapeutics of solid tumors in canine patients.

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